Friday, February 13, 2015

giving back

In case anyone is wondering, adoption isn't cheap. But raising kids isn't either. No matter where you are. And although we often wish we had more money for this or that, we know we're pretty damn privileged. 

Something that really struck us very early in the process is that there are an awful lot of children in orphanages. And we're only bringing home one. And since we can't bring them all home, we're compelled to give back to the orphanage that has been caring for our daughter. 

So we've decided to donate $6,000 to help cover the care for all the kids that won't be coming home with us.* And we'd love your help! See that "Donate" button to the left? Simply click that, and you can help us give back to the orphanage that is making our adoption possible. 

We cannot thank you enough for your support!

*Our agency is helping to ensure this is a sanctioned process. They've done this many times over! We are confident these funds will be used by our daughter's orphanage to care for the children. 

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