Monday, March 9, 2015

fundraising update #1

Wondering how the fundraising is going? We're 13% of the way to our goal! Each donor has been very generous, and we are so thrilled by the love and support we've received. Thank you so much!

If you are still interested in donating but are waiting for your next paycheck or just have a mountain of other things on your to-do list, we totally get it. (Really we do - but the good news is we have appliances again and were able to cook real food last night! But I digress...) You still have time! We likely won't know our travel dates for another few weeks. But, we should note that we've been surprised by this process many times over (like the time something was supposed to take a few days but took 4 months, or the time something was supposed to take 8-10 weeks but took 5 days), so let's just say this blog post serves as your friendly reminder. We're really just grateful to have you along for the ride!

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