Sunday, March 22, 2015

fundraising update #2

well, we're making some significant fundraising progress thanks to your generosity! we're now at 35% of our goal, which means we're more than a third of the way there!

that's not the only news. we recently received an indication that we may be traveling sooner than expected. of course, nothing is certain at this point. we should know more in another week. which means tatsuko better get to work on her visa application!

it also means we've got a lot of other work to do! the kitchen is nearing completion, but finding the time to hammer out the final projects (yes, thats a pun) is proving impossible. anthony is away at training for 2 weeks and then will be in start-up mode the moment he arrives back. tatsuko has been working a whole lot of 12 hour days through the legislative session. all this means that we are woefully unprepared to bring a toddler into this house.

life couldn't get much crazier. we are surely gluttons for punishment. can't wait to get that girl home and spend some time re-focusing. in the meantime, we'll be working to make sure our kitchen is functional and she has a room to sleep in. and that the outlets are protected from curious fingers. the rest will take care of itself, right?

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