Saturday, May 23, 2015

by the way

For those of you who donated, we wanted to let you know that we received a document from the Civil Affairs office in Guangzhou, certifying our donation of 35,000 RMB (at the time, about $5,850 USD) to the orphanage. Very official and all good! While in Guangzhou, we were also able to donate bags of diapers and formula. The orphanage takes in hundreds of new children every year (yes, hundreds every year at this one orphanage), so all of your support is very much appreciated and needed. Thank you, again, to all of you that made this happen.

We're all getting settled in and going to seemingly endless appointments. Yun's given 12 vials of blood so far, and if she liked ice cream (she doesn't!) we'd surely have given her all she wanted after the string of rough appointments she's had in just her first 2 weeks home. We've many more to go, on top of day care tours, which are actually going pretty well! In the meantime, we're still getting wonderful food deliveries and taking lots of walks around the neighborhood. Thankfully, the weather has been absolutely glorious since we returned home, so we've been able to spend lots of time on the deck (no grass, grass is scary) and out and about in the stroller.

Still haven't gone through pictures, but it's still on our list. Hope to share more soon!

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