Friday, June 5, 2015

baby steps

since my last post my computer crashed and my phone took a swim in the toilet. i was panicked because all my pictures are stored on the computer and i hadn't backed up since our china trip. i couldn't believe i lost all the pictures of my first moments with Yun (not to mention the last 15 years of my life, including our wedding). i ended up completely rebuilding my database, doing a bunch of updates and then backing up. fortunately it worked, but my hate for apple devices has only grown deeper.

the phone is another story. it died instantly and i was without for several days. i bought a new one but hadn't backed up in over 6 months, and despite restoring to that backup, lost every text, note, ibook, photo, etc. it was all gone. fortunately, i had sent videos of Yun's first steps to people and was able to recover that. phew! (again, hate has grown deeper.)

SO - Yun is walking!!! we're thrilled that she's making developmental progress. she's had lots of doctor's appointments, and things are looking good. her kidneys are good, and it appears we can hold off on surgery for now, if not altogether. she still has to get a bunch more screenings and more doctor's visits now scheduled into september, but fortunately she's doing well. she's not gaining weight and still has symptoms of giardia, which is troubling but not uncommon. we'll get her re-tested in about 2 weeks. in the meantime, we're hoping she starts feeling better. and starts sleeping. good god let this baby start sleeping through the night.

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