Monday, June 15, 2015


i cannot say enough about the wonderful, wonderful weather we've been having. it's ridiculously amazing. what's that, you came here to read about the baby? well, okay.

she is FINALLY gaining weight! you cannot imagine the joy i experienced when the doctor told me her weight at her last appointment. she's on her 3rd infection, still has symptoms of giardia and currently has 2 molars coming in. but she's growing! at last! her walking is improving, and she is all over the place. she's getting much more accepting of grass (she voluntarily walked in it today) and even of water and cold foods. things are looking up!

today i learned from our adoption agency that international adoptions by americans have dropped by 70% in the last decade. i imagine there are a lot of reasons for this, but the one they point to is the fact that international adoption no longer means bringing home a "healthy infant." today, the children waiting for families are those with special health needs, most of whom are aged 5 and up. these needs are all across the spectrum, but apparently must be a turn off for people who may have considered adoption, otherwise.

of course we knew this information going into the process, but i cannot tell you how unprepared i was to read about so many children with serious needs (through the agency's blog and other announcements. families don't scroll through kids and read about them and pick their favorite. not how adoption works.), but also their incredible spirits. looking into the face of my own daughter, i am amazed at the resiliency of children - children who have suffered and hurt and experienced unbelievable loss during the most important periods of their lives.

every day i am so grateful that i trusted myself (and that anthony did, too) and chose adoption. we are so lucky to have been on this journey and to now continue it with Yun.

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