Sunday, August 23, 2015


on august 21 we re-finalized our adoption! it's not required, as it was finalized in china, but it is strongly recommended as it's the only way she can get a birth certificate. additionally, if we ever lose our chinese paperwork, there's absolutely no way to get another copy, so we'd have no proof of adoption.

so, now it's extra final! we had a very quick and easy court appearance with a judge that seemed nearly as excited as were are. we found out our court date the week before, so we didn't get much time to plan or invite people. fortunately, lao lao and ye ye were able to move up the closing for their house and came out for just 24 hours between two other flights to be there for big day. unfortunately, i misplaced my phone just before the big event, so i was only able to get a single picture that our attorney took for us. no matter, though, it's a wonderful picture and we'll forever have the day in our hearts.

nearly as exciting is the most recent milestone of learning "no!" it's by far Yun's favorite word, and it's getting old really fast. it is funny how intent she is in using it at every possible opportunity, but she manages to find far more opportunities than seem plausible. here's to hoping she gets more vocabulary very soon!

she's still growing bit by bit, and thankfully we're enjoying a nice stretch without an appearance from another tooth. and while we're sure you find these details just as thrilling as we do, we're going to give you a break from all the day to day happenings. so, this will be our final post for awhile. we'll update you with any major news as it comes, but otherwise please call or visit for updates!

love, tay

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