Monday, April 13, 2015

getting it together

Maureen came into town (yes, the one from the letter - the one that keeps our lives in order and makes sure the world stays on its axis) to help us finish putting our house together before Tatsuko leaves for China next week (!). The kitchen is done and we have a new furnace that works and is much quieter! We also put a lot of work in pulling the nursery together. We have a few final touches (plus things to buy like diapers and wipes), but it has really come together nicely.

Things came together so nicely that we were able to host a little get together over the weekend. It was great to see people and to share our home at last. Our home is now filled with warmth and love for our little one. And is much more organized to boot!

As far as fundraising goes… We were so busy this weekend that we haven't yet closed the fundraiser. We heard from a couple people that they didn't realize the time had come, so know that you'll have a little more time. We'll be transferring the money over on Wednesday morning, so here's your real last chance.

Thank you so, so much. Stay tuned for the final tally plus baby's name later this week.

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