Sunday, July 19, 2015

'tis the season

as parents of school-age kids get ready for back to school season, i'll be gearing up for back to work! i've finally hammered out a schedule with the daycare and my office, and i'm pleased to announce i'll be returning to work part-time in august! i'm so very thrilled to be going back to work - i've missed it so very much. and i'm feeling so much better about daycare since we've been able to work out a plan to slowly phase her in to full-time care over a couple of months. i'm sure it will still be difficult, but we'll adjust. we always do.

although Yun hasn't grown as much as i'd have liked over the past month, she is still learning and changing every day. her first english words are "good girl," which she proudly proclaims to frankie as often as possible. it's only natural that she's selected an opportunity to praise frankie as one of her first forays into spoken language. those two are just ridiculously adorable - and patient with one another.

Yun recently had a visit from her Nai Nai and uncle and had such a nice time getting to know them. i know she'll enjoy getting to know each of her relatives with every visit. hoping to see more family soon! Yun loves any adoring attention!

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